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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything special to prepare for my massage?

Basic Hygiene, the simple stuff you learned in elementary school.

What do I wear during my massage?

Most people get completely undressed, others leave their undies (bottoms) on. You will stay modestly draped (covered up) the entire time. Your comfort level is the deciding factor.

When do I need to arrive?

Typically people arrive 10-15 minutes prior to their appointment, some come earlier to allow time to unwind.

When is too late to cancel?

Please see our Cancellation Policy.

Are there any penalties to canceling same day?

If you do cancel same day you may be charged 40% of the service price.

Why would i not be able to get a massage?

Sickness and if you have anything that is contagious. For a full list see when not to get a massage.

Why would I need to bring a Dr’s note?

Liability reasons. Check out the list of conditions that need a note at when I need a note.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Check, Barter. Sorry no first born kids. there is a $25 returned check fee.

Do you accept tips?

Yes! All the money from tips go into my continuing education fund. 20%-30% is a massage service standard. Its okay if you are unable to tip, I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself.

Can I bring my kid?

No, we must respect others who are getting services. You would benefit from In Home massage.